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By | June 4, 2018

Tips on How To Get The Best Stones From India

When it comes India most of the tourists prefer generally buying their stones since they are sold at a lesser price. If one has the experience about the stone from India one will not have difficulty when buying the correct, but if one doesn’t have the knowledge it, one has to take good care of when it comes to purchasing the stones. When it comes to those people selling the rocks like the gemstone they usually give the wrong information about the quality of the gems. You need to put mind some factors when one wants to buy quality stones.

When it comes to taking on the decision about the kind of rock to buy each stone will have its unique concerns. When it comes to gemstone the main factors to consider in determining the quiet of the gem include the clarity and the cut. Where one does not know gemstone one can check on factors such as color where the pure gemstone has the most genuine color with deep tones and are usually very saturated. When one wants to identify the game stone by transparency, most of the gems usually have imperfections which typically develop when the gemstone are being formed. Gemstones with few imperfections tend to go for the high prices while those with many flaws tend to fetch lower prices.

The quality of the gems is determined on the bases of the wound; the quality gemstones are those with very few inclusions and are cut symmetrically and proportionally. Also in cutting off the gems those with color saturation the cutting should be in a way that the wounds more superficial than the norm. When identifying the gemstones one should not compare the gemstone by size since even though they have the same size they generally will not have the same weight. Normally, there are two factors which turn out to be very deceptive which are the enhancement and treatment of the gemstones and also the replacement of the natural ones with synthetic or even glass gemstones.

Where the gemstones do not have e deep color they are usually treated to improve their tone.Treatment off the gems is usually mainly by bleaching, heating, or even exposing the gemstones to radiations. Since each use of the gemstone require its unique characteristic of the gemstone it therefore advisable that one chose the quality of the gem according to the method in which the gemstone will be put into. When the gemstone glass is placing up near the fire they usually portray the character of the lamp. When one want to determine natural and genuine gemstones, one can use a magnifying lens where the natural gemstones have fibrous like mode of appearance.

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